Discounts and Savings, re: Income


One of the biggest benefits of participating with rNetwork is the variety of savings  opportunities. There are chances for you to save on mortgage, auto, prescriptions, and even your phone bill just by being a participant. Additionally, charter members can also save on hotel bookings and retail items. Saving money is a secure and healthy way to “increase” your income. It brings peace of mind and makes it easier to invest in products and opportunities that are more meaningful to you.


Another way that rNetwork may help you to build on your salary is through a feature called rPay. This feature is only available to charter members since they have the ability to make commissions. rPay is the system that allows those commissions to be turned to cash. Since our network is worldwide and currency varies, earned commissions are awarded in the form of rMoney. Charter members can then use rPay to receive their commissions in their respective currency.

By saving and earning commissions, rNetwork may help you to increase what’s already in your bank account. Our team of Revvolutionaries are excited about the possibilities that rNetwork offers.  For more information go to:

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